Sleep Disorders

Information about sleep apnea and sleep disorders can be found in almost every newspaper and magazine and many television and radio ads.  Many patients have had sleep studies performed on them and have been told that CPAP (a mask worn at night) is the only treatment available for them. Some have been fitted with masks that cover their entire face, and many others report that no one has ever gone over their sleep study with them and explained to them the details of the report.

The doctors at Amherst ENT can explain the sleep study to patients in terms they can understand. We also perform a full head and neck exam on sleep apnea patients and in many cases can help find the site of the obstruction. Treatment can then be tailored to each individual.

Sometimes, the reason a patient cannot tolerate nasal CPAP is because of a nasal obstruction. Many patients prefer to have their nose opened either with medical or in some cases surgical interventions, instead of going to the full face mask.          

study recently released shows sleep apnea linked to cancer.