Sinus Disorders


The doctors at Amherst ENT receive referrals from previous and current patients, and from doctors all over the Western New York area and Southern Ontario.

Patients with recurrent sinus infections, stuffy nose, facial pain and pressure and particularly pain above and around the eye, may have more than just a simple sinus infection.  Their symptoms may be caused by an anatomical obstruction of the sinuses and nasal passages.

If your sinus condition continues to not respond to your doctor’s care or if antibiotics and other treatments only provide temporary relief, you may have a sinus condition that is easily fixable by our doctors through medical interventions and in some cases minor surgical interventions. Our doctors will be able to see into those areas of your nose and sinuses that are causing you difficulty. Once the problem area is identified, treatment plans can be developed.

Many patients have had previous X-rays and CT scans of their sinuses that have been read by the radiologist as normal.  The doctors at Amherst ENT always request that patients bring their X-rays in to the office with them for their appointment. Often, Dr. Zimmer and Dr. Chmiel can find the cause of a patient’s symptoms by reviewing the X-rays personally with the patient.