Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question of a clinical matter (e.g. medication, prescription renewal, treatment options). Can you help? Unfortunately this site is not equipped to handle such requests. Please call our office directly.

I have a high deductible insurance plan. Does your office require a payment for the service at the time of visit? Yes, if you have a high deductible on your insurance plan, our office will require a payment the day you are seen.  We charge you the allowed fees given by the insurance companies.

I received an Explanation of Benefits from my insurance company and I noticed it is coded as a surgery. I did not have surgery. Why is it coded this way? A number of procedures are performed by our doctors for diagnostic purposes. Two of the most common procedures our doctors perform are sinus endoscopies and laryngoscopies. These allow the doctors to more precisely diagnose and treat your conditions. All procedures are assigned a code, and the description of these codes, according to the correct code, is that of a diagnostic nature. These procedures, however, are only found in the coding section that is reserved for surgery and as such, insurance companies report them appropriately as surgery. This creates confusion as no surgery was perfomed but the billing procedure is correct.